BaliYo Video Tutorials - The Drop

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The Drop


Name of Trick: The Drop

Difficulty: Easy

Video Description:

This is one of the most basic BaliYo tricks. If you are new to the BaliYo, this is one of the best tricks to start having fun with your BaliYo. Once you get The Drop down, you can move on to fancier, more exciting tricks!

The Drop uses the rings of the BaliYo. Hold it with the rings up and the pivots down. Grip the outside ring with your thumb and index or middle finger. Open your hand and allow the BaliYo handle on the other side to fall down. Rotate your hand upwards so your palm is facing up with the pen hanging down. Then, swing the free handle upwards and catch it and you just opened the BaliYo! Do the same thing to close it, and you have just completed The Drop.

Once you practice this trick a little, you will be able to move on to bigger and better tricks! You’ll be performing aerials before you know it!

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