BaliYo Video Tutorials - Thumb Roll

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Name of Trick: Thumb Roll

Difficulty: Moderate

Video Description:

The Thumb Roll is an intermediate BaliYo trick and, when done correctly, looks pretty fancy. With a little practice, you should be able to master it and amaze your friends and family in no time.

Start off by holding the BaliYo with the pivots down and your thumb as close to them as possible. The closer your thumb is, the easier it will be to flip it around it. Next, let the outside handles fall. Using the momentum from that (and a small flip of the wrist if needed), allow the outside handle to continue to flip over your thumb. This will be a little unnatural at first as you have to force the handle to go over your thumb and not hit your hand. Let go of the inside handle and catch the outside handle as it come back around your thumb, allowing the inside handle to flip around and land neatly in your hand. When completed successfully, you will be holding the BaliYo with the pivots up.

This trick also serves as a grip-switch.

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