BaliYo Video Tutorials - Out To In Grip Switch

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Name of Trick: Out To In Grip Switch

Difficulty: Moderate

Video Description:

At some point in your BaliYo flipping career, it will probably come in handy to know how to switch your grip on the BaliYo. For example, what if you wanted to go from a Double Flip to a Thumb Roll? You would either need to stop, readjust the BaliYo, and start again, or just perform a neat little switch trick.

Start off similar as you would with the Double Flip, with the pivots up. Flip the outside handle over your hand. While the BaliYo is straddling your fingers, pinch the inside handle with your thumb and index finger and bring your other three fingers to the other side of the handle. Once your fingers are there, let go with your thumb so the handle should be in between your middle and index fingers, with your ring finger and pinky on the same side as your middle finger. Your middle, ring and pink fingers should be facing you. Rotate your hand so it is facing down. While it’s going down, rotate the pen so it faces outward and let go with your index finger at the same time as you grab it with your thumb. Flip your hand up so the outside handle flips up into your hand. The pivots should now be at the bottom.

This is a handy little trick that takes a little longer to master than some of the others. If yours is not very fluid, keep practicing. If I could teach my mom how to do it, you should be able to get it in no time!

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