BaliYo Video Tutorials - Double Flip

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Name of Trick: Double Flip

Difficulty: Easy

Video Description:

Similar to The Drop, the Double Flip is another fairly basic BaliYo trick, and can be learned pretty quickly. If you are new to the BailYo, this is a great place to either start or continue learning.

This is also one of the most common ways to open a Balisong. If you have ever handled one of those, chances are you already know this one, and luckily the movement is exactly the same. If you haven’t ever used a butterfly knife, you will soon know how to open them just like all the butterfly flipping veterans.

To start, what you want to do is hold the BaliYo with the pivots up, and your thumb close to them. Flip the handle facing out up and over your hand so the pen straddles your fingers. Rotate the outside handle 180 degrees around the outside of your hand so it sandwiches your fingers between the handles. Flip the outside handle vertically over your hand. Flip it back to where it just was, but this time catch it with your fingers. The BaliYo should now be in the open position. Do the same thing in reverse to close it.

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