BaliYo Video Tutorials - Open Thumb Roll

Name of Trick: Open Thumb Roll

Difficulty: Moderate

Video Description:

This BaliYo trick is similar to the Thumb Roll with a few key differences. When done correctly, this trick looks much more complicated than it really is, so don’t be put off by it’s deceptive looks – it’s actually quite simple with a little practice.

Start off holding one handle of the BaliYo with your thumb and index fingers. Make sure the pen is pointing away from your hand and that the other handle is hanging below. Swing the lower, loose handle up and over your thumb. Use the momentum and let go of the inside handle. Allow the BaliYo to flip around your thumb and catch the same handle that you just let go of when it returns. When complete, the BaliYo should be in the exact same position as it was when you started.

With practice, you should be able to do this in one fluid motion, or if you really want to get fancy, transition into a Charlie Chaplin around your thumb. Hey, it’s possible!

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