BaliYo Wingâ„¢

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BaliYo Wingâ„¢

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YCN102 BaliYo Wingâ„¢ - $15.00

The BaliYo Wing is the latest variation of this dynamic skill-based toy. Its handles feature an all-new, extra-wide design with longitudinal slots on each side. These enhanced features make the handles easier to grip, separate, and manipulate—especially for novice BaliYo enthusiasts. Like the central pen body, the handles are molded from tough, high-impact plastic and have stainless steel rings at the ends to provide weight and momentum. Sure to provide hours and hours of enjoyment, the BaliYo Wing features blue handles and a gray pen body.


  • Gray pen body, blue handles

  • Blue ink cartridge

  • Stainless steel weights

  • Removable stainless steel clips

  • Made in China

  • Created by Spyderco

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