Replacement Ink Cartridge [HEAVY DUTY]

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Replacement Ink Cartridge [HEAVY DUTY]



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YUSR Replacement Ink Cartridge [HEAVY DUTY] - $6.00

Fisher Space Pen Refill cartridge for US Made BaliYos ONLY. 

This product is compatible for the following models:
YUS100 - Red White and Blue
YUS101 - Pink and Orange
YUS110 - Red and Black
YUS111 - Green and Blue
YUS112 - Glow in the Dark


How do I change the ink cartridge in my BaliYo?

1. To change the ink cartridge, simply grip the tip of the pen and twist the ring in a clockwise direction until the tip can be pulled out.

2. Remove the old cartridge by twisting in a counter clockwise direction.

3. Insert a new cartridge into the tip and twist clockwise.

4. Insert the tip with a new cartridge back into the pen and twist the ring in a counter clockwise direction.


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